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Due to the change in governmental regulations, we regrettably are forced to take a pause on Shulounge services; however, we are never pausing our availability to all of you.

Instead of allowing the current situation to hinder our connection, I encourage you to take this opportunity to strengthen our personal prayers in any shape or form, wherever you are. Increase your connection to G-d by: giving tzedaka, reciting Shema Yisroel, putting on tefillin, etc. If you need any assistance, please contact me (Rabbi Leibele) to discuss.

As we are about to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the Rebbe taking on the leadership of Chabad on January 12th (10 Shevat), I suggest that we take 72 PLEDGES together as Shuloungers to increase our personal connection to Hashem.


Mitzvah Pledge
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