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Montreal Unity torah

"Those written in the Scroll will be blessed and protected"

In 1981, the Rebbe launched the writing of ‘Unity Torah Scrolls’ in which Jews all over the world are encouraged to participate, bringing blessings to themselves and to all of humanity.

Every individual letter is indispensable to the Torah as a whole. Even the lack of a single letter renders the Torah incomplete and invalid. Our Sages teach that each letter represents one, single Jew. Accordingly, the letters of Torah express the fact that each and every human being is everything to G-d, and each one of us contributes indispensably to the completeness of humanity.


However, we need you to submit your Jewish name and mother's name, and your family members' names.

This unity will hasten the coming of Moshiach, granting healing to all and fulfilling His promises and assurance of a world perfected and redeemed without delay, Amen!

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